Polyester swimming pools are one-element structures made of gelcoat, resin and a fibreglass mat. In the manufacturing process, reinforcing steel bars and perimeter buttresses are encased within the shell to provide maximum performance and durability. This construction gives a smooth gel-coated free flowing surface joins and seams free, thus avoiding any leaks or bacteria problems.

1. First gelcoat layer

It is an external (visible to the naked eye) layer of the pool. We offer five different colors.

2. Second gelcoat layer

Second layer of gel coat improving the basin resistance to provide our trademark quality finish.

3. Barrier Coat layer

Spray barrier layer protects the pool surface against osmosis and bubbles.

4. Protective layer

Vinyl ester resin layer that doubles the protection of the barrier coat layer.

5. Construction layer

It consists of several (depending on the size of the pool) layers of glass mat and resin. This is the main load bearing structure designed to strengthen the entire shell.

6. Steel reinforcement

Steel profiles are placed under the pool frame and on the embossing. Its task is to prevent the walls from bending and additionally strengthen the entire basin.

7. Reinforcement layer

The roving fabric is an additional material strengthening the structure.

8. Insulation layer

Insulation layer made out of polyurethane foam which task is to reduce heat loss and protect the pool from external damage.

Polyester pool

Skimmer technology

Our polyester swimming pools are developed solely using the skimmer technology. This simply means that the water goes through the skimmer (which is a hole in the swimming pool wall carved at the water level and connected to a piping system responsible for transporting the water into the filter). Then the filter pump sucks in the water and pumps it back into the nozzles placed on the opposite wall. Once filtered, the water goes back into the swimming pool thus completing the cycle.